La société civile internationale envoie une lettre aux gouvernements pour s’opposer à « l’accord sur le commerce des services » proposé, alors que les négociateurs arrivent à Genève

Original Publication Date: 
16 September, 2013
Aujourd’hui, alors que les gouvernements se réunissent à Genève pour négocier une proposition d’Accord sur le commerce des services (ACS), 341 organisations représentant des centaines de millions de personnes dans presque tous les pays en développement et développés, ont appelé les gouvernements à abandonner les discussions. Parmi les signataires figurent 42 grands réseaux internationaux et régionaux, comme l’Internationale des services publics (PSI), UNI Global Union, la Fédération Syndicale européenne des Services Publics (FSESP), l’IndustriALL Global Union, l’Union interntionale des travailleurs de l’agriculture (UITA), et le réseau ATTAC européen. La lettre a été organisée par le réseau OWINFS.

PSI and OWINFS Releases a Special Report on Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Original Publication Date: 
15 September, 2014
On the occasion of Global Trade Summit convened by PSI and it's affiliates in Washington, D.C., on 15-17 September 2014, PSI and Our World is not For Sale (OWINFS) launched a new Special Report by Ellen Gould entitled "The Really Good Friends of Transnational Corporations Agreement" on the first day of the Global Summit. The report was launched with the objective to overcome the secrecy and complexity surrounding the negotiations on trade in services agreement (TISA) and bring it into the public sphere for a democratic debate.

Secret TISA deal puts public services at risk around the world - Public Services International

Original Publication Date: 
19 June, 2014
The Public Services International, a global trade union federation reiterates its opposition to Trade In Services Agreement, in the backdrop of WikiLeaks release of TISA - Financial Services Annex text

BITs, FTAs and damaging effects of their investment chapters

Original Publication Date: 
2 October, 2012
The damaging effects of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and the investment chapters of North-South Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) were highlighted at a World Trade Organisation (WTO) Public Forum event on "Investment provisions and agreements: What is the right 21st century approach?" jointly organised by Our World Is Not for Sale Network, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and Public Citizen on Tuesday, 26 September 2012.

BITs ‘not decisive in attracting investment', says South Africa

Original Publication Date: 
27 September, 2012
South Africa's Deputy Director General from the Department of Trade and Industry, Mr. Xavier Carim, remarked that 'South African government's experience has shown that there was no clear relationship between signing Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) and increased inflows of FDI' at a WTO Public Forum event on international investment agreements organized by OWINFS on 25 September 2012.