Archive - janv. 2004


janvier 26th

Notes of a meeting between Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi, WTO Director General and an Advisory Group of NGOs which he has established

Original Publication Date: 
25 January, 2004
Dr Supachai was accompanied by members of the External Relations Division and his own cabinet (Alain Frank, Hoe Lim, Bernard Kuiten).

International Economy: Trade Chief To Get Tough With Doha Laggards

Original Publication Date: 
25 January, 2004
Supachai Panitchpakdi, director-general of the World Trade Organisation, will take a more aggressive approach to chivvy governments into making progress in the stalled Doha world trade talks.

janvier 24th

Trade Talks Behind Closed Doors

Original Publication Date: 
23 January, 2004
'It is scandalous that trade negotiators meet with big business and ignore demands of the small farmers or indigenous peoples forced off their land by multinational corporations,' said Tony Juniper,

janvier 22nd

Global Trade Talks 'Could Resume By March'

Original Publication Date: 
21 January, 2004
The endorsements come amid new enthusiasm after a surprise push by Robert Zoellick, US trade representative, to resume negotiations despite US presidential elections, which many saw as a barrier.

janvier 15th

US Farm Group Rejects Trade Deal

Original Publication Date: 
14 January, 2004
Only 31 per cent of Americans favour subsidies for big farmers, though 77 per cent support subsidies for smaller farms, according to a PIPA / Knowledge Networks poll at the University of Maryland.