June 12th, 2004

G20 Ministerial Communiqu? Lays Out Main Principles For Framework

Original Publication Date: 
11 June, 2004
The G20 Ministerial Communique was adopted after a meeting of the group on 12 June, on the eve of UNCTAD XI.

G20 Ministers Defend Their Market Access 'Elements' Approach

Original Publication Date: 
11 June, 2004
'Regarding comments that there is a formula proposal, and now there are elements, I must say that formulas are abstract if they don't have underlying elements supporting them,' -Celso Amorim

June 9th

Annex B Of Derbez Text To Be The Basis For July Package For NAMA?

Original Publication Date: 
8 June, 2004
Amb. Johannesson informed members that he would therefore submit Annex B together with a covering letter that would highlight the key areas of contentions and concerns of the members.

May 25th

WTO Hands Off Our Food, Say 48 Million In Global Campaign

Original Publication Date: 
24 May, 2004
Campaigners from Friends of the Earth International, which initiated this 'bite-back: WTO hands off our food' campaign, held two banners saying 'WTO: Hands Off our Food' and 'WTO = bio-hazard'

May 10th

Monsanto's Retreat On GE Wheat A Victory For Farmers

Original Publication Date: 
9 May, 2004
Monsanto is currently going through the permit process with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to de-regulate genetically engineered Roundup Ready wheat.

GE Wheat Battle Won, But War Against GE Food Wages On

Original Publication Date: 
9 May, 2004
'This is a tremendous victory for consumers everywhere,' -Nad

May 5th

WTO Cotton Ruling: Time to Reevaluate Bankrupt U.S. Agriculture And Trade Policy

Original Publication Date: 
4 May, 2004
The Brazilian victory provides an opportunity to reevaluate the failures of the bankrupt agricultural trading system, and begin an open and honest debate that would examine viable alternatives.

May 4th

WTO News: Speeches - DG Supachai Panitchpakdi

Original Publication Date: 
3 May, 2004
Address by the Director-General to Third LDC Trade Minister's Meeting (in Senegal)

April 27th

WTO Ruling Against U.S. Cotton Has Broad Ramifications for Farm Policy Ruling Should Prompt Shift In U.S. Programs To Lift Prices

Original Publication Date: 
26 April, 2004
'This ruling points to the disastrous results of U.S. farm policy, which is designed to drive down commodity prices and then make up the difference in subsidies,' -Ben Lilliston

April 26th

El TLC-EUCA Beneficia A Los Agronegocios Por Encima De Los Agricultores. El Acuerdo Erosionaria El Comercio Justo y Los Derechos De Los Agricultores.

Original Publication Date: 
25 April, 2004
'Este acuerdo es consecuente con la propuesta de la Administraci