Trade Facilitation

US and allies ‘strike work' on post-Bali, Doha Round

Original Publication Date: 
24 September, 2014
The United States and its close ‘allies' in industrialised countries, appear to be bent on continuing their campaign to paralyse all negotiations and talks at the WTO - on the other parts of the Bali package, a post-Bali work programme, and the Doha Round - by refusing ‘to work' on other issues, until the US-EU cherished protocol on the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is agreed to and delivered. In this SUNS - South North Development Monitor article By Chakravarthi Raghavan analyses latest state of play in WTO negotiations and US & allies' negotiation strategies.

Misplaced claims of deadline sanctity for TFA

Original Publication Date: 
31 July, 2014
In this timely article one of the most sensible commentator on trade policy issues of our time, throws more light on misplaced claims of deadline sanctity for Trade Facilitation Agreement in the backdrop of US-WTO propaganda about the missed deadline for the adoption of a Protocol of Amendment to incorporate the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) into Annex 1A of the Marrakesh agreement.

Support to WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement is Insufficient or Misdirected

Original Publication Date: 
25 July, 2014
This short article argues that the support to WTO trade facilitation agreement is insufficient and misdirected

Indian farmers organizations call upon the Government to stand firm on food security issue at the WTO

Original Publication Date: 
23 July, 2014
In a statement released ahead of the WTO General Council meeting tomorrow, farmers organization in India called upon the Indian Government to stand firm on linking the Food Security proposal with the Trade Facilitation Agreement in WTO. Farmers’ leaders expressed shock over the Chair's summary of the G 20 trade ministers meeting which was held on July 19 at Sydney.

Future of WTO Negotiations Hangs in the Balance at G20 Trade Ministers' Meeting

Original Publication Date: 
19 July, 2014
In the backdrop of G20 trade ministers meeting on July 19 at Sydney, Deborah James writes on various critical issues that are important for developing countries and least developed countries as this meeting can be used to build consensus toward positions that can be brought back to forums where decisions can be enforced, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO).

As G20 trade ministers meet in Sydney, international CSOs urge that development must come before “Trade Facilitation” in WTO

Original Publication Date: 
18 July, 2014
In the backdrop of trade ministers meet in Sydney, today, 164 civil society organizations and trade unions from more than 150 developing and developed countries urged government representatives in Geneva to “condition the entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) to the conclusion and fulfillment of the Development mandate under the Doha negotiations.”

Experts caution against rush into a trade facilitation agreement

Original Publication Date: 
20 November, 2013
A group of eminent trade experts from developing countries has advised developing countries to be very cautious and not be rushed into an agreement on trade facilitation (TF) by the Bali WTO Ministerial Conference, given the current internal imbalance in the proposed agreement as well as the serious implementation challenges it poses.

No WTO deal better than a bad deal, says Indian Minister

Original Publication Date: 
4 May, 2006
India's Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath stressed on 25 April in Geneva that the current WTO talks must not violate cardinal development principles.

WTO meeting confirms missed deadlines, no Ministerial

Original Publication Date: 
25 April, 2006
The World Trade Organisation Monday finally made the conclusion that the deadlines for reaching 'modalities' for agriculture and non-agricultural market access by the end of this month could not be met, and that a planned meeting of some 30 Ministers would be called off.

WTO meeting cancelled after protests

Original Publication Date: 
23 April, 2006
WTO Director General Pascal Lamy has cancelled a 'mini ministerial' meeting which was intended to finalise negotiations in the controversial trade round. The meeting would have excluded most countries from the developing world, and was cancelled following angry protests from developing countries, NGOs and trade unions.

Sombre mood at WTO as April deadline looks more unattainable

Original Publication Date: 
20 April, 2006
The mood at the World Trade Organisation headquarters turned even more sombre Wednesday 19 April as many delegates have become convinced that it would be impossible to agree to modalities for agriculture and non-agricultural market access by the 30 April deadline set by the Hong Kong Ministerial.

ACP Group wants development focus at WTO's trade facilitation talks

Original Publication Date: 
16 February, 2006
In the context of the current negotiations on trade facilitation, development must be the main objective and focus, said the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of developing countries in a proposal submitted to the WTO's Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation.

Feds Win Right To War Protesters' Records

Original Publication Date: 
6 February, 2004
'The best approach is not to speculate and see what we learn on Tuesday' when the four testify, said Ben Stone, executive director of the Iowa Civil Liberties Union, which is representing one of the protesters.