July 18th, 2014

International civil society urges that development must come before Trade Facilitation in WTO

Delivery date: 
18 July, 2014
In the backdrop of trade ministers meet in Sudney, today, 164 civil society organizations and trade unions from more than 150 developing and developed countries urged government representatives in Geneva to “condition the entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) to the conclusion and fulfillment of the Development mandate under the Doha negotiations.”

June 19th

Secret TISA deal puts public services at risk around the world - Public Services International

Original Publication Date: 
19 June, 2014
The Public Services International, a global trade union federation reiterates its opposition to Trade In Services Agreement, in the backdrop of WikiLeaks release of TISA - Financial Services Annex text

Wikileaks Expose Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex

Original Publication Date: 
19 June, 2014
The WikiLeaks just published the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Service annex text. It confirms the concerns expressed by civil society organizations on TISA.

June 14th

Why International “Trade in Services Agreement” (TISA) is Dangerous to Democracy, Development, and the Public Interest, and Must Be Stopped!

Original Publication Date: 
14 June, 2014
A memo on International “Trade in Services Agreement” (TISA) that provides details as to why this proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in services is dangerous to democracy, development, and the public interest, and must be stopped!

January 28th

Global Civil Society Oppose Convening Mini-Ministerial on WTO Subjects at WEF in Davos

Original Publication Date: 
22 January, 2014
In a letter to members of World Trade Organization (WTO) on 22 January 2014, OWINFS network opposed convening mini-ministerial on the subject of WTO in the World Economic Forum (WEF) held on 22-27 January at Davos, Switzerland. The letter stated that, it is completely inappropriate to discuss WTO issues, as WEF is forum where almost exclusively Trade Ministers of the richest and most powerful countries and representatives of the most powerful corporate interests participate.

Trade in Environmental Goods May Not Actually Be So Good

Original Publication Date: 
27 January, 2014
On Jan. 25, a group of World Trade Organization (WTO) countries including the United States, the European Union, Australia, and Canada, launched a new set of negotiations to eliminate tariffs on a set of supposedly environmentally beneficial products. In this article Ilna Solomon of Siera Club argues that the initiative may actually harm the environment.

December 7th, 2013

United States Fails to Completely Block New Flexibilities for Food Security in Bali WTO Talks

Original Publication Date: 
7 December, 2013
Overall “Bali Package” is a Setback for Development; Post-Bali Agenda Must Urgently Focus on Permanently Removing WTO Obstacles to Food Security, Urges Global Civil Society "Our World Is Not for Sale" network in this press release soon after the 9th WTO Ministerial in Bali, Indonesia.

December 6th

Stand Firm on Defending India’s Food Security Nothing Less will Do for India!

Original Publication Date: 
6 December, 2013
Welcoming bold and principled statements on food security and in upholding the G-33 proposal by Mr. Anand Sharma, Indian Minister for Commerce and Industry at the WTO 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali, civil society groups called on the minister to stand firm on defending India’s Food Security!

Civil Society “Mic Check” outside Heads of Delegation Meeting at WTO 9th Ministerial in Bali

Original Publication Date: 
6 December, 2013
Today, a group of civil society from the global Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network and allies, present in Bali for the 9th Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), raised their voices using the human amplification tactic of “Mic Check!”

December 4th

Global Civil Society urges Gita Wirjawan to pursue G33 Food Security Proposal

Original Publication Date: 
4 December, 2013
Global civil society, call upon Gita Wirjawan, Indonesian Trade Minister to pay urgent attention to the matter of food security across developing countries and urge you to pursue, as the leader of the the G-33, a permanent solution to the proposal on food security tabled by this group.