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September 6th

Trade Talk: Speaking in Tongues

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2003
When we try to fight them in their language we risk sacrificing the power to name our world and assert our values.

September 4th

Draft Canc?n Ministerial Text - Revision/Market Access for Non-Agricultural Products

Original Publication Date: 
3 September, 2003
A draft text of Cancun ministerial with EU's proposed revisions.

July 7th

Keep Investment Pacts Off Cancun's Agenda

Original Publication Date: 
6 July, 2003
Since the 1980s, developing countries have signed numerous bilateral investment agreements, yet they receive less than one-third of the world's total foreign direct investment flows.

July 4th

Agriculture Talks At The WTO Empty On Development

Original Publication Date: 
3 July, 2003
Last week, the Agriculture Committee met in the WTO to see if the current deadlock on all aspects of the agreement on agriculture (AoA) can be bridged.

July 3rd

From Palermo To Cancun: EU Trade Ministers Asked To Stop WTO Expansion

Original Publication Date: 
2 July, 2003
In Palermo, the European Union is supposed to decide on its position for the next WTO Ministerial that will take place in Cancun, Mexico, from 10 to 14 September.

Members Stick To Their Positions In WTO Agriculture Special Session

Original Publication Date: 
2 July, 2003
The European Union agriculture ministers last week agreed on measures for reform of their common agriculture policy.

July 1st

MEPs Move Towards Lifting of GMO Moratorium

Original Publication Date: 
30 June, 2003
The laws set out stringent requirements for labelling GM products, reflecting the view held by the European Commission that the GM issue is one of consumer choice and not of food safety.

June 30th

Northern Agriculture Subsidies Attacked At Ecosoc High Lebvel Session

Original Publication Date: 
29 June, 2003
The 'evil' generated by this misdirected welfare policy affects poor-country farmers who are financing the social welfare doled out to rich-country farmers, according to Ricupero.

June 26th

Meeting between U.S. NGOs and Pascal Lamy on June 26, 2003

Original Publication Date: 
25 June, 2003
Some of the groups present: National Wildlife Federation, OXFAM U.S., FoE, WWF, Consumers Choice Council, Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, CIEL, Humane Society, Bread for the World, Public Citizen. The meeting lasted for about one hour and was basically a question & answer session.

June 24th

3rd World Activists Debate Biotech Industry& US Gov't In Sacramento

Original Publication Date: 
23 June, 2003
An eclectic crowd of nearly 1,000 filled the Crest Theater Monday night for the only public debate in conjunction with this week's international agriculture conference at the Sacramento Convention Center.