VIDEOS: International Delegates Presentations, G20 Counter-Summit, Russia

Presentations from a diversity of International Delegates to G20 Counter-Summit, on a variety of G20 related topics.

Press Release / G20 Counter-Summit Conclusions: "What We Need is System Change!"

Social movements and civil society organizations from different parts of the world have met on 3-4 September 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on the eve of the G20 Summit. With the participation of more than 30 international delegates of world social movements, our G20 Counter-Summit was hosted by the Post-Globalization Initiative.

Five years after the financial meltdown, the G20 continues promoting failed neoliberal policies, forcing austerity measures in countries facing deep recession and social crisis. During this period a vast architecture of impunity was built to serve the interests of transnational capital.

Fortalecer - e não enfraquecer - o papel da UNCTAD na Governança Global: Rumo a um desenvolvimento sustentável e inclusivo, não a mais crises.

Desde a chegada da crise econômica e financeira global, a UNCTAD desempenhou um papel importante em identificar as principais causas da crise, apoiando os países em desenvolvimento na busca de soluções para os impactos da crise e defendendo a reforma das políticas econômicas e financeiras globais e da governança para prevenir a recorrência de crises semelhantes. Estes são todos papéis fundamentais que, na perspectiva do desenvolvimento, não são cumpridos por nenhuma outra instituição econômica multilateral.

G20 Counter-Summit program, St-Petersburg, Russia

Venue: International Business Center (, St. Petersburg, naberezhnaja Reki Smolenki 2, Metro Vasileostrovskaya


10.00 – 12.00 – Registration, book-bazaar (books of speakers and their organizations) and photography exhibition


OWINFS members welcome WTO MC10 delegates with protest, December 18, 2015

OWINFS members welcome WTO MC10 delegates with protest, December 18, 2015.

Fore more photos of the protest see:


Video: Bridge between Moscow and Brussels / Linking our Campaigning Against Corporate Power and to Stop Impunity

Technological Bridge between the G20 Counter-Summit international participants gathered in Moscow and the European Parliament Event "Advancing a new regulatory regime for Transnational Corporations and Investment: Towards An International Peoples’ Treaty", Sept. 5, 2013